Beaks and Squeaks is the name Andrew Cameron has chosen for his wildlife rescue centre.

When Andrew was a very young boy, he had two passions, one he now does for a living and the other, animals and he is very lucky to be doing both!

Around 2010, Andrew volunteered for WRAS east sussex, gaining knowledge and help rescuing wildlife around Brighton.
He then joined WRAP Mid Sussex, who had only been formed two years previously. This time he was also responsible for caring for the animals at home and so he built aviaries and a treatment area.

In 2014, Andy formed Beaks and Squeaks and now operates on his own with some help from a few volunteers.

Andy funds the rescues from his own pocket and donations from the public. He also raises money by organising comedy shows, where friends of Andy donate their talents for free.

These funds are used to buy equipment ( cages, aviaries etc ) plus safety items. General day to day running costs cover petrol, vets fees (although local vets are extremely generous with their time).

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