Wildlife Rehabilitation, based in Hove, East Sussex

Who are ‘Beaks and Squeaks’?

Beaks and Squeaks is not a Charity or an Organisation and I don’t have volunteers to help go to a rescue. I am a single person helping out whenever possible, with quite minimal  Consider it a very time consuming hobby.
If you find a bird or small mammal that requires attention, I would normally ask that you bring it to me.

       Need some advice?

    Call  07365 625304


I Need You!

If you have a strong interest for the welfare of wildlife – Perhaps you would like to make a donation?

I don’t need your organs but I do need donations.

(Apologies for the huge Donate image. It’s supposed to be small!)

A very big THANK YOU to all the people who have generously donated. It really helps maintain the rescue centre 🙂

Every year at the end of the football season, the seagulls suffer enormously. 

What could be done?

I have an idea.


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